Lexigo courses

The art and pleasure of teaching combined with the practical experience in translations and interpreting.

Discover the newest Lexigo project, in which the art and pleasure of teaching come together with the experience in translations and interpreting to give birth to our concept of foreign language courses, under the name of Lexigo Language Boutique.

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What must you know about us from the start?


Personal involvement.

We bring a high level of personal involvement from our teachers to the table. Because we know how important it is to offer to our students the linguistic tools they need and we are responsive to their requests, needs and interests.


We focus on conversation.

We focus on conversation, on developing communication potential, enriching the vocabulary, themes tied to current day realities because we know how important the practical aspects of a foreign language are.


Study with joy.

Everything takes place in a professional, pleasant and friendly environment, because we all know very well that, when you take pleasure in learning, learning is easier and more productive.

By taking our courses you will gain:

Want to know when the next course will begin?


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Where are the courses held

  • At the Lexigo offices.
  • At the headquarters of the companies that request them.

How can you sign up for our courses?

Training so that you can express speak better and more correctly in english or french, through a 12 sessions conversation workshop, intermediary level (90% conversation).

If you have questions, you can call us at:

0742.282.816 (Valentina)

0731.364.305 (Oana)

Book your place at:



Make sure to mention, in your email, the course to which you want to sign up for, your complete name and phone number.